The Sidewinder, Kemp Town

1 08 2010

This popular Kemp Town watering hole doesn’t look the type of place you’d expect to get a top notch home cooked Sunday roast, appearing instead to cater for their busy evening crowds with DJs, live music and various theme nights HOWEVER don’t be fooled by its trendy demeanor because this place can certainly knock out some tasty food.

Once again I was delighted to discover that most welcome of options to the indecisive, the mixed roast, and despite its higher price I eagerly placed my order only to discover that I WAS going to have to make a decision after all. It seems the Sidewinder have a selection of gravies which is something I’ve not come across before but I certainly welcome the concept. I went for the Rosemary and red wine “guest” gravy and took a seat outside in the sun.

When my food arrived I was entirely delighted to see a sizable chunk of pork complete with crackling made up one of my meat choices and I wasted no time in taking this meal on. The beef and lamb were both very tender and flavoursome however they were cooked rare, which I know some people ADORE but personally I wouldn’t have minded them being left in the oven a little longer. This minor complaint was soon forgotten, mind, as I sunk my teeth into the soft and succulent juicy slab of pork. It was entirely delicious, cooked to perfection, exactly as pork should be. It even made me regret not ordering a whole plateful of this divine flesh, rather than my greedy three meat choice, but once I moved on to the crackling all regrets were forgotten. It was truly superb.

With the meat sadly out of the way I gave the potatoes a bash and was pleased to find them crisp and fluffy, thus continuing my positive feeling towards this mighty roast. They weren’t perfect but they were certainly very good. As for the veg, they are fairly generous with the selection on offer at the Sidewinder and a highlight for me was the creamy leek dolloped on the edge of the plate.

As you’d expect from somewhere so passionate about gravy that they make up five different varieties to choose from, my Rosemary and red wine gravy was a marvellous accompaniment, and I’m keen to try their other “flavours” in the future.

So to conclude this is a very good roast indeed, and one I’d recommend highly, particularly if you like your red meat rare OR are a pork connoisseur. Easily one of Kemp Town’s finest.

Meat: 7/10 for the lamb and beef, 10/10 for the pork

Potatoes: 8/10

Vegetables: 8/10

Gravy: 9/10

Portion size: 8/10



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