Saint George’s Inn, Kemp Town

25 07 2010

The St George’s Inn is tucked away on Sudeley Street, not too far from the hospital, and has recently been spruced up a little in an attempt to attract new visitors. I was one of these new visitors.

What first struck me was that the menu seemed very laden, in that there were a number of different roasts to choose from AS WELL AS a myriad of other dishes on the Sunday menu. What’s important though, is that they had the holy grail of Sunday lunches, the fabled mixed roast. My pulse races when I encounter this meat menagerie on a pub menu and so I wasted no time in placing my order after paying little attention to the many other choices available.

The mixed roast says “I can’t make my mind up” just as much as it sings out “I am greedy” but there is no shame in ordering it because decisions aren’t always easy on a fragile Sunday and thus not having to think too hard about your choice is naturally welcome.

And so to the meal itself. When I ordered the pub wasn’t busy at all so it came out fairly quickly, although not so quickly that I was left questioning the cooking methods, and it was presented rather nicely on a plush looking rectangular plate. The portion size seemed decent, if not as big as it could be, and there was a good variety to the elements that made up this particular Sunday treat. The three meats (lamb, beef and chicken) were all cooked well and went down a treat HOWEVER once I tucked into the potatoes I was sorely disappointed. These were big, ugly, undercooked potatoes that were hard and bland, and as somewhat of a connoisseur of roast potatoes I felt it was a real shame that they let the side down so badly. The meat was very good but it could never carry the poor potatoes.

As for the rest of the veg, it wasn’t particularly inspiring. Peas, carrots and cauliflower completed the plate and all were perfectly edible but sadly didn’t really do justice to the tasty meats which left me a little deflated. The yorkie was pretty standard and the gravy was good but ultimately this roast was let down by its potatoes. I probably would have given higher marks for the rest of the vegetables if the potatoes had done their job but unfortunately by the time I was tucking into my carrots and peas the damage had been done.

So a promising start but definitely room for improvement.

Meat: 9/10

Potatoes: 4/10

Veg: 6/10

Gravy: 7/10

Portion size: 7/10



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